How to Become a Front End Developer?

Are you looking to get a discount on popular programming courses? For example, when you visit a website from a desktop computer with a big monitor, you’ll see multiple columns, big graphics, and interaction created specifically for mouse and keyboard users. On a mobile device, the same website would appear as a single column optimized for touch interaction, but using the same base files. Let’s say you wanted to write an app that shows you all of your social media friends in the order in which you became friends.

become a front end developer

If there’s one thing that all front end developers have to have, regardless of the job description or official title, it’s excellent problem solving skills. A front end web developer is a software engineer who implements web designs through coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Is it faster to become a front end or back end developer?

A good frontend developer is experienced with HTML and CSS and can quickly understand how to use them together to create a design. This article tells you what you need to know about what frontend developers do, the skills they need, and how you can get the job. Many companies offer professional development bursaries or stipends to How To Become a Mobile App Developer employees. If yours does, check if the company will sponsor you to learn front end development. Alternatively, some companies have mentorship or job shadowing programs where you can learn front end development from the existing dev team. Python is a general purpose programming language that works on all major operating systems.

Some companies leverage different programming languages, so knowing what you’re good at will help place you in the right role. – JavaScript is known as the “popular programming language of the web.” Although a web scripting language, technologies like Node.js allow developing standalone apps using JS. It is among the most popular programming languages, hence, irrespective of your career vision, learning JavaScript is profitable for any programmer, whether frontend or backend. Simplilearn offers a Front End Developer course that helps you sharpen your web development skills, which, of course, includes front end development. You will master the skills needed to create applications from the ground up and start your journey down one of the most rewarding and rapidly growing web development career paths. You worked hard to take courses and practice your skills building websites. Maybe you even designed a few websites for friends and acquaintances so you could build up your portfolio.

Full Stack Developer vs. Front End Developer vs. Back End Developer

Is an important part of web development and coding as well. But an all-purpose GUI is going to have its limitations for some specific applications. Sometimes, you may need to open a terminal on your computer where you can enter typed commands or command lines to get what you need.

If we consider performance, testing, QA and many other areas, then you really need to become a deep diver as a front-end developer. Don’t forget to challenge yourself by building first responsive elements. Landing page builders that can help you get the job done but at some point, you will eventually start using JavaScript snippets. If you’re already sure about front-end development, go ahead and read on.


Becoming a front-end developer is a bit complicated when you are completely new to coding, but gets substantially easier over time. It is important you practice regularly so you don’t forget the syntax used, and your mind gets used to how to think properly. Building websites often involves many repetitive and boring tasks. To solve this problem programmers created frameworks and libraries. Your front end development journey should start with HTML and then be followed by CSS. If you spend 3 to 5 hours per day every day studying and coding each one of them, within 4 to 6 weeks you’ll attain a reasonable level of understanding about HTML and CSS.

become a front end developer

Make a document that clearly outlines the front end development skills you have. You can apply a range to each skill set, letting potential employers know what you are beginner, intermediate, and advanced in. This document is a solid high-level way to vet career and freelance opportunities.

Learn Version Control

All in all, HTML is concerned with the structure of the web page whereas CSS looks after the styling of the web page. However, you may have heard about getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or any other related field to make a career as a Front-End Developer, right? IT Support Engineer job in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands Experienced jobs at IMC Trading Frontend frameworks are designed specifically for client-side development. Most of the websites begin with the same set of CSS elements. It’s also the most popular programming language in the world, so regardless of your developer career plans, it’s a super valuable thing to learn.

  • Node.js lets you run your JavaScript code outside of a browser.
  • Using coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, the front end developer ensures that the design works online.
  • Now it’s time to become a great front-end developer and have lots of opportunities around the world.
  • No matter what the purpose is, when it comes to web development, whether frontend or backend, code is essential.
  • You will pick up good habits and practices along the way and will gain some experience working with other developers.
  • If you wish to save yourself from cluttering your system, use them.

With more companies hiring front-end developers, competition for these jobs has increased. It is no secret that the demand for front-end developers will continue to grow as the web continues to evolve, so you need to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Front End Developer Certification

As CSS preprocessors is an advanced frontend development concept, you need to develop a good skill set to use it. JS frameworks (including Angular, Backbone, Ember, Vue.js, and React) give a ready-made structure to your JavaScript code. At the most basic level, JS is used to create and control things like maps that update in real time, interactive films, and online games. Sites like Pinterest use a lot of JavaScript to make their user interface easy to use (the fact that the page doesn’t reload whenever you pin something is thanks to JavaScript!). Before you get started on any web development career path, you’ll have to master coding with HTML and CSS. The good news is that getting a solid working knowledge of either of these can be done in just a few weeks. Sometimes, the best way to learn new skills is to work under more knowledgeable people, and that’s what a junior front end developer or an intern does.

Do companies hire self taught programmers?

The simple answer is: yes, companies do hire self-taught programmers. But they hire self-taught programmers who can prove their talents, and who possess the soft skills necessary to work in a modern corporate environment.

You can’t proceed without understanding the markup because HTML composes the site’s skeleton. You need to learn the basic tags and attributes, learn the anatomy of the HTML markup, and be aware of accessibility and SEO basics. Many people know that websites include the markup and styling necessary to provide a clear page structure and design, but front-end development is not limited to this. There are many nicely paid jobs available to front-end developers, so the first few weeks that might feel hard are definitely worth it in the end. If you practice regularly, then within a few weeks and months your brain memorizes a lot of the syntax that you are using and in a way a lot of it becomes automation. Also, you learn how to look for the things you don’t know yet on the web. Becoming a front end developer by learning everything yourself is the hardest way to go but by far the cheapest.

Depending on your learning method and how many hours you put in per day, learning React should take you approximately one to two months. As a beginner or junior front end developer, I recommend you to get started with React because it’s the most popular tool in this space.

First and foremost, you need to have some good communication skills as you’ll be required to act as an intermediate between Web Designers, Backend Developers, Testers, etc. Moreover, you are also expected to have better Creativity, Problem-Solving, and Collaboration to excel in the Front-End Development domain. Furthermore, you need to know about Command Line as well along with the GUI functionalities. You’re also required to get familiar with several Browser Developer Tools that help you to enhance the quality of User Interface.

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